Slots Gallery Affiliate Program

Earn money with the Slots Gallery affiliate program.

What Is the Slots Gallery Affiliate Program?

Bettors in Canada can earn money by participating in the Slots Gallery Affiliate Program, which promotes the renowned online casino platform Slots Gallery. This program, provided by Boho Affiliates, includes a lot of benefits to help you maximize your profits. Signing up as an affiliate allows you to earn money on sales made by players who use your referral links. Comprehensive real-time data enables you to track your earnings and improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. The application also contains advertising options such as banners and links to assist you increase the visibility of Slots Gallery on your website, which will result in more players and more earnings. 

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Why Should You Choose Slots Gallery Affiliates?

There are various reasons to choose Slots Gallery Affiliates as your primary affiliate program. First and foremost, Boho Affiliates, as it is Slots Gallery’s affiliate program, offers comprehensive real-time reporting, allowing you to monitor your earnings and make informed decisions to improve them. The technique also eliminates negative carryover, which means that any losses from one month do not affect your winnings from the following. This enables you to reset and optimize each new month. Slots Gallery Affiliates also provides a variety of marketing products that you can use on your website to attract more visitors and increase your potential commission.

Last but not least, the program offers competitive compensation. Depending on your monthly sales, your casino earnings could range from 25% to 45%. Using Slots Gallery Affiliates, you may profit from a well-known online casino brand while simultaneously earning money by advertising a popular platform.

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How to Register in the Slots Gallery Affiliate Program?

Take these actions to sign up for the Slots Gallery Affiliate Program:

  1. Go to the affiliate program section of the Slots Gallery website.
  2. To start the registration process, click either the registration button.
  3. Please provide the requested information, including your contact information and website data.
  4. Accept the program’s terms and conditions.

After submitting your registration, you must wait for the Slots Gallery Affiliate Program team to approve it.

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Slots Gallery Affiliate Program Rules and Conditions

There are clear terms and conditions for using the affiliate program. Some of the main points include:

  • To take part in the program, affiliates have to be at least eighteen years old;
  • Any one person or website is only permitted to have one affiliate account;
  • Affiliates are required to abide by all applicable laws and rules concerning marketing strategies and online gambling;
  • Any dishonest or immoral behavior will result in the program’s instant termination and the loss of any revenues;
  • It is the affiliates’ responsibility to keep the information in their affiliate accounts correct and current;
  • Without giving prior warning, the Slots Gallery Affiliate Program maintains the right to alter or end the program at any moment.
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Slots Gallery Payment Methods for Partners

Slots Gallery provides its associate partners with a range of payment options. These are a few of the most commonly used ones among partners from Canada: 

  • PayPal;
  • Jeton Wallet;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • Visa / Mastercard;
  • Interac;
  • EcoPayz;
  • And many others.
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Slots Gallery Affiliate Contacts

You can use the following channels to get in contact with the program’s contacts if you have any questions or need help about the Slots Gallery Affiliate Program. 

  • Telegram – @bohoaffiliates
  • Skype – live:.cid.a0fdd7713a73a45f

Email – [email protected]

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How can I advertise the Affiliate Program for Slots Gallery?

You can add a link to your website, blog, or personal page to promote the Slots Gallery Affiliate Program by following the guidelines on the Slots Gallery website.

How can I sign up for the Affiliate Program at Slots Gallery?

You can go to the affiliate program part of the Slots Gallery website to sign up for the affiliate program. You can then proceed with the registration process to join the affiliate network.

What kind of commission schedule is available with the Slots Gallery Affiliate Program?

Depending on your monthly earnings, the Slots Gallery Affiliate Program offers an attractive commission structure with a revenue split on casino items ranging from 25% to 45%. You may find the exact information and levels on the Slots Gallery website or by getting in touch with the staff behind the affiliate program.